Xtreme Air Hockey


You get or lose points for hitting the following objects with the air hockey puck by launching it off the table with the paddle thing. Anything that is not listed doesn't award you any points unless you get the elevated object/surface points. Use these rules if you have a garage and an air hockey table exactly like mine.

Get Points:

Cabinet 2 points

Other player 2 points

Garage Door 2 points

Drums/Bike 3 points

Cd Player 3 Points

Flower Pot thing 3 Point (+2 points for landing inside)

Spectator 4 points

Cymbals/Fan 4 points

Outside Garage 5 points (it can hit the ground)

Inside Cabinet Door 5 points (+5 bonus if stays in cabinet)

Landing on elevated object/surface 2 points up to 1 foot, 3 points from 1 foot to 5 feet, 5 points anything higher.

Garage Door Opener 10 points (automatic win if it lands on top)


Lose Points:

Score a Goal 1 point

Wall 1 point

Ceiling 2 points

Catching puck 2 points taken from other player

Spectator catching puck 5 points taken from shooter


Additional Rules:


Once puck lands on ground the play is dead, no additional can be scored!


Spectators can decide to award bonus points for a cool shot that would otherwise go unrewarded.


If the shooter catches his own shot before it hits the ground, then he can take another shot.