What is Face Deluxe?

Ok well first thing is first, I must define face. You are probably thinking, I know what a face is, but that is where you are incorrect. It's not a face, it's face. Face is the equivalent of anything and everything; noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, adverb, prepositional phrase, and so on. With that definition we can finally define Face Deluxe. To put it simply, Face Deluxe is the apex of all things.

Now I will leave you with the following words of wisdom: Face face face face face face face.


Q: Why is your site named face deluxe?

A: See above

Q: Is it true that no one visits your site, and you are making this FAQ section up?

A: How dare you question my integrity. Millions upon millions of people visit this site, EVERY DAY.

Q: Why do you hate irish people and women?

A: You have no idea what I went through as a child.

Q: What kind of sick son of a bitch are you?

A: What you think you are better than me? Why, just because you have more money?

Q: Is it true that you are intelligent, attractive, and charming?

A: Yes.

*This site is a fictional work of satire and should be treated as such*