What's Wrong With Marijuana?

Hey I just had a question for umm everyone against marijuana, hey what's actually wrong with marijuana again? Oh you mean it kills brain cells, are you serious? Yeah that's funny because everytime I look for any information to prove that theory all I get is this stupid bullcrap about how it doesn't kill brain cells, well yeah right I know it does because I heard it does one time. And some scientific study nonsense about how it's not even physically addictive in any way because there is a separate cannibinoid receptor, well who cares? It's a gateway drug to other illegal drugs. Yeah, well maybe it's a gateway drug because people are like, "dude seriously if something is illegal that makes it a drug, but if it's legal it's not really a drug, like alcohol, because if it's illegal its super bad and if it's legal it's totally harmless." Yeah so why is it that alcohol is legal but marijuana isn't? Oh yeah, that's right, because you can die from one night of drinking, and you can't die from one night of smoking marijuana. That's a pretty good reason. Or maybe it's because alcohol completely impairs your motor skills and eliminates your inhibitions, and marijuana may make you paranoid ironically because it is illegal. But yeah I mean if it was legalized there would just be a bunch of potheads running around the streets being high all the time, because they wouldn't have laws regulating its use like they do with alcohol. I mean seriously think about it. If weed were legalized everyone would always be stoned on the job while they are serving you, there is no way we could ever establish regulations on marijuana use to prevent this, there is just no way. And lets be realisitic here, what do we have to gain from decriminalizing marijuana? Sure we could tax it, but what good would that do besides generate revenue for the state. Plus we want to make sure we keep filling up jails with marijuana growers/users so that we have to pay more taxes to support them while they serve their jailtime not contributing to the economy in any way. Just imagine if they weren't in jail, the nation would be destroyed for sure. Ok Ok I guess I answered my own question. Please make sure that weed stays illegal please, thinking of what would happen if it was decriminalized just gives me nightmares. What was I thinking, I must have been stoned!