Welcome to the Wayne Simmonds Fan Club, Yo Wayne Simmonds is mad dope so fuck you if you don't like him. If you wanna join the fan club holla at my email.


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FAN CLUB UPDATE: Yo Wayne beating up some sucka ass white boi


FAN CLUB UPDATE: Yo Wayne in action in Philly yo. Kind of sad he isn't in L.A. anymore especially since that's where Dunk Trunk RIP XXXXXXXXXXXX




FAN CLUB UPDATE: YO Wayne is now on Philadelphia Flyers damn son! Need to Update dat website


FAN CLUB UPDATE: YO Wayne and you know who da FUCKIN KINGS R in da playoffs. We be playin da stupid ass sharks yo. Look for my boi Wayne SIMMONDS to straight wreck face.


FAN CLUB UPDATE: KINGS SPOTLIGHT FEATURE ON WAYNE SIMMONDS! Learn all about how Wayne Simmonds BBQ's and taps on dat white ass. 4realdo.


You want to know why I like him? Well if you have to ask that question you are obviously at the wrong place cause this is a FAN CLUB!

Yo if you think you wanna join up , send me an email.

Check out this dope ass action picture: