Super Duper

If there is one thing I enjoy, it's proving someone wrong over something I don't even care about. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing someone get so emotionally enraged and worked up about something I don't care about only to be shot down by my logic and/or ignorance. Yeah, I know I must be pretty lame if that's how I get my kicks. Well how do you get your kicks, eh? Are you one of those fairy emo kids that wears eye shadow even though you are a GUY? Yeah well good luck with that bullcrap. I hate you. Or maybe you are one of those hardcore superpunks that wears plaid skintight pants so that your private parts are mashed into yourself, I'm sure that's really comfortable. Or maybe your are one of those uber cool gauged earring fools. What are you too poor to afford the bling bling so you just make a big ass hole in your ear or what? I don't really get it. Do you want some guy to stick his pecker in your earring hole eventually or something? I just don't see the purpose of that bullshit. Maybe you are a troubled and dark poet, we all know these hot topic freaks, they wear black in 100 degree weather and then wonder why they smell like body odor. Let me clue you in, black trenchcoats with a black undershirt, and black cargo pants with black combat boots, well that's gonna make you pour sweat and it doesn't matter how much deodorant or antiperspirant you put on, you will still fucking smell god awful. Or maybe you spend at least 1000% more than what the clothes are actually worth just because some stupid ass, piece of shit's name is on it. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for looking presentable but I don't even know who these fucking guys are, why would I pay more for their special clothes, they don't know me. After all is said and done though I always see some girl behind it all. It's like, why do you dress like a complete fucking dipshit? OH yeah because that chick over there hella likes it. I don't give a god damn if chicks like guys with gauged earrings, or fucking tight plaid pants, or fucking eye makeup, or fucking all black clothes, or fucking 100 dollar shirts, or fucking 100 dollar pants, it's still fucking stupid. Kids these days are fucked up, there is no way I want to grow old. Have these assholes take care of me when I can't take care of myself? Fuck that, I'd rather kill myself, and I will. I'm not going to depend on any of these pieces of shit to tell me what to do or to defend my natural born rights, I would much rather just be dead. Life is short, but that's not a bad thing as some would have you believe.