People that aren't awesome


1. George Straight - This guy wants all women to die. Sam strictly opposes this.

2. King Tutankhamen - He tried to destroy Sam his entire life, see what happened to him? Don't fuck with Sam.

3. Will Smith - Will Smith is the only human who has the potential to ascend into a godly state to do battle with Sam. Naturally he is one of Sam's worst enemies.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger - He hates all drugs except steroids and he drives Hummers all day every day. Sam's policies state that drugs are free to be used by any person who doesn't suck.

5. Barbara Walters - For too long now she has been releasing anti-Sam propaganda.

If you ever see any of these people on the street (except King Tutankhamen, he is already dead) then scold them for their anti-Sam beliefs. They are trying to disrupt the natural order of the Multiverse.