A Sam Inspired Story

I wrote this story inspired by scriptures of Sam. It is almost 100% accurate as far as the details go, the story is fictional though.

Long ago there was a time when man could get along with the lesser gods. The lesser gods would be easily sufficed by human sacrifice and monuments built in their honor. Mankind decided to take a much more conservative approach to their worship of the lesser gods though. Sam saw this and knew that it signaled the next step in the progression of Earth in the multiversal society. As mankind signaled a new dawn in their conquest of planet earth, Sam instructed the lesser gods to decrease their involvement until he instructed them to unleash havoc and chaos. As humans followed their ambitions blindly, Sam was hoping that a small following would develop and lead mankind to salvation. The Church of Sam was established in the year 2000 and was dedicated to the worship of the one being known as Sam. Sam knew that he needed to help out his followers on Earth and created a reincarnation of himself as a human being. This reincarnation befriended two young teenagers and revealed the truth of all things. The following had started and Sam was pleased, but much to his dismay the other humans were relucant to follow the teachings of Sam. Sam, busy tending to all other planets in every other universe, was forced to leave matters as they were for the time being. The lesser gods grew bored of Sam's previous orders from a millenia ago and decided to bring about destruction to mankind, unaware of Sam's reincarnation. When this happened Sam's reincarnation was forced to a state of combat against the lesser gods. The first of the lesser gods to attack Earth was known only as, Hhloutaz. This god was known for his fierce punishments and intense electro-magnetic, wave pulse destruction beams. Sam's reincartion, which we shall call SAM, was forced to protect not only the small following but mankind itself. SAM used psycho-active telekinesis and ripped out Hhloutaz's bio matter from within his body, out through his 5th eye. SAM then flew into the sky and summoned an intense electrical storm. The storm circulated around Hhloutaz and he was forced to remain motionless while SAM started eating his head. SAM used his bare hands to rip into Hhloutaz's skull and bio matter exploded all over his face. SAM's eyes turned pure white as he devoured the lesser god's soul. The news of this reached Earth's other lesser gods and their were outraged. Only he who is known as Sam could defile a god so. They were convinced that Sam had turned against them, but they were unaware that it was SAM who was behind the slaughter of Hhloutaz. SAM grew stronger after devouring the fresh soul. The following started becoming much larger as thousands witnessed his true power in battle. The Church of Sam was booming, growing into the tens of thousands when the next lesser god came to challenge this new reincarnation. The second lesser god was known as Metrolandus, a god of extreme power and might. He approached earth at intense speeds and crashed landed in the continent of Europe, creating a crater approximately 300 miles wide. SAM was immediately alerted at the intense loss of life and he teleported to where Metrolandus had landed. SAM lifted the ground back to it's original state. Metrolandus appeared from beneath SAM and pulled him under the earth. Sam grasped onto some rock beneath the surface stopping his ascention into the earth. Metrolandus let go and then started flying up as fast as he could, SAM was pushed out and into the sky. SAM began to conjur the forces of nature as he created an enormous ice wave and shot it straight through Metrolandus. It pierced his abdomen and biomatter began to spill everywhere. Metrolandus was not phased by this attack despite his giant flesh wound. His tentacles reached out to grab SAM but SAM easily cut them with his psionic blade barrier shield. SAM then floated toward Metrolandus and pulled out a common pocket knife. He used the almighty power of the gods to transform this knife into the glowing essence of life. The blade was true and pure as he used it to impale Metrolandus. SAM them devoured his soul, craving the intense power. This news sent the lesser gods into a state of shock. Sam was alerted of this news and was pleased to see the results. The lesser gods were confused, and Sam explained to them they were doing exactly as he had planned. The Church of Sam was now the biggest following on Earth...

I plan to continue this story in a follow up.