You Aren't Important

I was talking to Sam the other day and out of nowhere he just said, "You aren't important." I was like he is so right and then I realized something awesome. Those people that make internet journals to tell all of their friends how drunk they got, well those people aren't important either. I asked Sam if people with internet journals are important and he asked me what the hell a journal was. I explained that you write shit that happened to you, for the purpose of reading it later I guess. He said that it was stupid and that you shouldn't live in the past because then you will never get to kill more people. Some people might say that writing this might count as a journal, but it is more or less like a news article so that you know what Sam thinks. We can all learn a little something from Sam. Sam also said that if you do get caught on something in your past, start doing so many drugs that you cannot focus on reality. I hope that helps all those people who write in internet journals. He also said that if you want to be important you have to do something awesome. He compiled this list you can check to see if you are important or not.

1. Kill the President of a country with nuclear capabilities.

2. Make Will Smith bankrupt.

3. Make a cool movie.

4. Become immortal (this one is pretty random, you can't really become immortal, it just has to happen).

5. You can beat Super Mario Brothers 3 in 8 minutes.

6. You are a God.

Sam just told me to give some basic guidelines, there are still several ways to become important, but those are 6 of the most important ways. If you haven't noticed by now, reading this is a complete waste of time. Now think about the person who wrote it and how much time they have/how pathetic they are. *Silence*. NOW THINK about how you aren't important because you have never done anything cool. I think it's apparent the point I was trying to get across is lost, so now you must think, was the point of this to get the initial point of the article lost?