Ok listen up, the universe is based on magic. Physics is absolute bullshit and all this theory of relativety crap is all stupid. That's why it is still a theory. I know for a FACT that magic rules everything. Just look at the moon, it's obvious that there is magic there because you can jump like 20 feet and shit. Look at Saturn too, those rings are fucking magical I swear. If you think that magic isn't real then you are so stupid. One time I thought that there was no such thing as magic but then a magical rainbow appeared and I was like, holy shit. How do you think Sam kills his prey? With magic mind bullets. He charges them up with his magical super power and then he can kill you with them, but a lot of times Sam would rather rip out your intestines and eat them while you watch. If you ever say, "Hey magic is bullshit, Einstein is cool," then I would watch your back because someone who is super smart and awesome (perhaps Sam) will knock you the fuck out.