Interracial Marriages


There is nothing Sam hates more than interracial marriages. The main reason he hates them so much is the offspring produced from them. He says that the children are abominations of the human race, and they should all be destroyed. This is saying a lot because Sam hates everything that has ever existed. One time this dude went up to Sam and asked him how awesome Sam actually was. Sam did the ultimate maneuver on him, the Double Brass Knuckle Throat Punch. This is achieved under three conditions: when both hands are equipped with brass knuckles and they are both used to punch the throat and you are Sam. Needless to say the dude was instantly evaporated from existance and no one even remembered he existed, except for Sam of course. The reason Sam did this was because the dude was part mexican, part japanese. Just keep that in mind when you think about marrying someone from a different race.