Vulture Smile - Catholic Guilt Demo/EP

So one day I was checking out some music blogs and digging deep in the internet for new music when I came across this band called Vulture Smile from San Jose. They have a demo out called Catholic Guilt. This demo blew my fucking mind. I have never once heard music that sounded so well thought out and beautiful.

The first song is one of the best songs of all time. It's called Downrigger although I think a better name would be Downwiggler because it makes my penis wiggle. When I first heard it I got a huge boner, especially because of the bassline. Then song 2 came on, Disappearances, and I came on myself. The bassline on this song is the best riff I have ever heard in my entire life. Whoever plays bass for this band is literally a genius.

This shit is sick and tight. It's like if you take all the best indie music from the early nineties and then you smash that shit together in a blender with some screamo and post-hardcore and you got yourself a Vulture Smile smoothie.

Song 3 is called Heart Attacks and trust me, you will want to listen to this song on the toilet because it is the shit. Again, the bassline on this song is amazing, easily the best part of the song. Just when I thought I had this band figured out, BAM, song 4 comes on. This song is called Respiratory Failure and I kid you not I was having some respiratory failure when I first heard the bassline. I was speechless at how the bassist was able to amaze me yet again. This is the longest song on the album.

In the end this is one of the best short length releases I have ever heard and I know it sounds crazy, but it's possibly the best music that has ever been made. I feel confident in saying this because of the genius of the bass riffs throughout the album. Everything else sounds good, but it's the bass that really sets this band apart. This demo is the best release of the year and could potentially be the best release of this century. Go ahead download it and see for yourself. It is free after all.