The Other Day

Yeah so like the other day I was just sitting around when it hit me: damn they fucking play the Fresh Prince of Bel Air ALL THE FUCKING TIME! I wonder how much Will Smith makes everytime his show airs on TV. Shit it could be only 5 cents a show and he could still make a living because of how much it is played.

Speaking of played, why are girls always so confusing and hating me. Psh I'm like yo ladies I'm just here to please so what's with the tease? Then they tell me to fuck off and/or threaten me. I'm like damn girl you need to make up your mizind and shit.

Haha, just kidding, girls don't even acknowledge my existance, but they don't do it because I am not cool or something like that, nooooo they do it because I'm on such a higher plane of existance than any other person. They know that they must never speak to me and always avoid eye contact. I am superior in everyway. They must never know my name or my phone number, at least they know to always refuse it when I am offering it. It is a test I do to make sure they don't think they as good as me. They are like no I don't want your number, I'm like, well that's good to hear because I would have had to destroy you upon acceptance of my digits! Then I tell them to leave my sight and never speak to me again. Yeah I'm just that cool.

One day I will dance so insanely good and hard that I open a transdimensional rift. You guys just wait and see. It's going to be the coolest thing that has ever happened.