I am 100% against homosexual marriage. I am also 100% against heterosexual marriage. Ok so basically we must end the institution of marriage in America. Marriage is an old outdated religous concept that is infringing on my rights as an American. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state huh? Marriage is clearly a religious ceremony. "But you can just do it in the court and not even have a ceremony or anything." Yes that is true, but you forgot one thing, monogomy is also a religious idea. Just look at people, we aren't meant to be monogomous. Disagree? Then why is the divorce rate actually higher than the marriage rate now, not to mention the countless acts of adultery that will never cease. So why would I still care enough to make a big deal? Well the friggin stupid government gives married people tax right offs and stupid crap like that, like an incentive to get married. That's not fair to me, I don't believe in those religious ideals of monogomy and marriage, so I'll never get the extra benefits that those people get just because they declare they will live together forever when in reality they live together for a year, have some kids, then get divorced and remarried and then step daddy rapes his step daughter and stuff like that. You know it's going to happen. If people want to live together with someone because they are stupid and they think, "OMG THEY ARE THE ONE," then let them, but don't reward them by giving them tax breaks. Stop infringing on all of our rights by forcing us into monogomous relationships that will erupt into disaster and molestation. George Bush, try proposing an amendment to ban ALL marriage. Oh yeah and take that God crap off of the money.

Stop Marriage