The Darkness - Permission to Land

I decided to try my hand at reviewing, so I will start by reviewing an album that I picked up about 2 weeks ago. Permission to Land by The Darkness.

Right off the bat you know this band is going to rule because of their name, The Darkness. As you look to see what the songs on the CD are, you become fully aware of their awesomeness. You know you found a keeper when three of the song titles have the word "love" in them. "I Believe In A Thing Called Love", "Love Is Only a Feeling", and "Love on the Rocks With No Ice". So even before you have listened to any of the music you are already impressed.

The first song, "Black Shuck" starts you off with a good session of kicking ass. I was singing along in no time, screaming out, "BLACK SHUCK, BLACK SHUCK, THAT DOG DON'T GIVE A FUCK!" at the top of my lungs. Did I mention Justin Hawkins is one of the best vocalists ever? Well he is.

Next song please, "Get Your Hands Off My Woman". This song completely rocks, it is the perfect manifestation of manliness in a song. The chorus goes a little like this, "Get your hands off my woman mother fucker!" Just by reading that you can feel the power, but just wait until you actually hear the song. You will be rocking out so hard it's not even funny. The guitar riff feels like it is screaming, "GO KICK SOME ASS!" Oh boy, I am pumped up.

The next song slows it down a little, "Growing On Me". This song is a great depiction of the torture of love. Of course the song has a kick ass solo in it. It makes you wish you were as cool as The Darkness so bad. Anyways this song is a great love/hate ballad and also a good prelude to the best song on the album.

"I Believe In A Thing Called Love" kicks so much ass, you might find yourself kicking your own ass if you are alone. If you took everything in the world that was cool and bottled it up and magically made it a song, this would be it. The song has three solos in it, thats right, three. There is no way to appreciate this song until you actually hear it for yourself, everything clicks perfectly. My favorite part is when he screams, "Ooh! Guitar!" In fact I am listening to this song right now and I am rocking so hard that it is hard to concentrate on this review.

The next song is also one of their best, "Love Is Only A Feeling". It is also a slower song like "Growing On Me" was. Right off the bat the songs starts off with the guitar wailing, it is almost enough to make you cry. This would be like the perfect song for you to listen to with your girlfriend, unless your girlfriend is a stupid feminist bitch who sucks. Plenty of solos (plural) to keep you happy too. This song really hits you in the soft spot, very emotional.

No truly great rock album is complete without a song dedicated to a drug. "Givin' Up" is a great song about heroin, the most bad ass drug ever. The fact that these guys do heroin makes them like 35% cooler. You know The Darkness is truly no poser band, they rock hard. Wow, listening to this song makes you want to do heroin immediatly, but unless you are a rich rock star who wears zebra pants on occasion, I wouldn't recommend getting involved with smack.

This next song "Stuck In A Rut" isn't particularly my favorite, but its a great song to rock out to still. As always, the vocals rule, and the guitar punches you in the face.

"Friday Night" is a unique song. The song is like a story of helplessly loving someone. It is pretty cool in its own respect, not my cup of tea though if you get my drift. I still like the beat of it enough to keep me from ever skipping past it when I am listening to the album.

Ok, so the last two songs aren't quite as cool as the first six songs, but don't worry, there is plenty of rocking out left on the last two songs. "Love On The Rocks With No Ice" is a rock till you drop song. You can really head bang to this shit. In fact one time I was really worked up from the preceding eight songs that when this one came on I was headbanging so hard that I got a migrane, but it was totally worth it. You can honestly feel power coming through the speakers straight to your brain. Trust me, it is totally overwhelming.

The last song ends the album on a lite note, it is a mellow song. "Holding My Own" is also a perfect closing for a perfect album. You need a break after all the hardcore rocking out you did throughout the whole album. Just take a deep breath and relax, and enjoy a great mellow song done masterfully.

Well I bet you can't wait to hear this album and buy it too. Well don't hesitate, go here and order it. After you get the album you can send an email thanking me.

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