Stereotyping Rules

Stereotyping is one of my favorite things. It allows me to decide who I want to talk to, and it also helps me judge a person without actually meeting them. If I see a black gangster looking fellow walking down the street, I automatically assume the following: he smokes weed, is in a gang, listens to Dr. Dre, hates white people, and talks in ebonics. Now I know that I do not wish to approach this person. Another example is gothic styled people. When I see a "gothic" person then I automatically assume that they love to listen to Marilyn Manson, are a complete faggot, eat their own fecal matter, worship Satan, are near illiterate, and love to hurt animals. This way I will never talk to the "gothic" person thus making my life better. Of course there are exceptions to every stereotype, but not enough to stop being a stereotyping asshole.

If people didn't stereotype others, then the world would be a lot worse. Let us assume that Johnny, an average happy-go-lucky white honors student wants to make a new friend. The first person he approaches is a black person dressed up like a gangster. Johnny does not like to stereotype people, he would rather get to know them before making any accusations, so he decides to approach the black man. The black man sees Johnny and instantly becomes fueled with hatred, because he hates white people and listens to rap. The rap records tell him to kill white people, so that is what the black man believes. Johnny says, "Hello sir, my name is...," and at that moment the black man shanks Johnny with his handy dandy switch blade, because all black people carry switch blades. Johnny starts bleeding profusely and falls to the ground. The last thing that comes to mind before he dies is how he should have been stereotypical and never have talked to the black man.

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