Shnuggle Bunny, The Smugglepuss Ray, and The Alternate Universe

For those of you who don’t know who shnuggle bunny is and what the alternate universe is, I’m here to explain.

He, shnuggle bunny, is basically more powerful than God and is often symbolized as a guy in a rabbit costume. He can fuck your whole life up and kill you, then resurrect you faster than Nathan can rub one off. (Roughly calculated at 0.00000000000281 seconds). The only thing that stops him from ruling everything is the smugglepuss ray, which is a two foot long, lead mag light which you throw at him, but in order to kill him you have to kill his counter part, Bob Dole, at precisely the same time, or they will resurrect one another.

The smugglepuss ray is the product of years of ingenuity on the part of star cruiser commander, Leroy Smugglepuss. Leroy Smugglepuss invented the smugglepuss ray and has never lost a battle ever since. His star cruiser strikes fear in the hearts of all who see it, including shnuggle bunny. The way the smugglepuss ray works is like this; Bad Bad Leroy Brown (not to be confused with the captain, Leroy Smugglepuss) is stuffed in the torpedo chamber holding a two foot long, lead mag light. The coordinates are calculated up in the main bridge, and then they actually fire Bad Bad Leroy Brown out into space (He is the only man fearless enough to operate with the smugglepuss ray). Once Bad Bad Leroy Brown gets close to the targeted ship, he then throws the mag light at the ship. The ship is destroyed upon impact and then Leroy Smugglepuss and the rest of the star cruiser’s crew go and pick up Bad Bad Leroy and the mag light so they can reload the smugglepuss ray.

Shnuggle bunny currently resides in the alternate universe where penguins rule. Also everyone has there own milkshake machine and roller coasters that are maintained by John Ritter (you all thought he was dead). Godzilla also lives there, and he jams out with ninjas who have sweet ass guitars. Other than that, it is pretty much the same, except for the minor detail of a black hole for a sun.

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