Republican Propaganda

The following is a story based upon a joke told to me by my conservative A.P. Government teacher.

A father and daughter were eating at a dinner table. The daughter was a college student, and as people of that age often are, was a liberal democrat. She was often ashamed of her father's conservative ideology. They were sitting at the table when the father shifted the conversation from politics. He asked her how she was doing in school. She said she was working semi-hard to get buy, and that it was really hard to cash those checks that she got from her father every week. She was getting straight C's. Then she talked about her black roommate. Her roommate worked extremely hard to get the good grades she had. She also had to work for her money, and the scholarships she received on account of her being black. The dad asked her if she thought it was fair that a dirty Negro should have better grades then a white person, or that she should even be in college instead of dancing in rap videos, and later becoming pregnant without knowing who the father is. She said that she didn't think it fair at all that they should help black people have the same opportunities as white people, because white people are better and everyone knows that. She also mentioned how corporation should be allowed to defraud the public, because "it's a free market damnit", and how rich people shouldn't have to pay taxes like poor people. Her dad smiled and said, "Welcome to being a Republican."

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