Past News and Updates: just so I can remember what I did without cluttering the main page.

Added my review of the movie Grind. On a side note, I rule at the Warcraft III demo on Also if you play Starcraft then IM me sometime, and we can play, I love that game.
Don't worry I will put a real update soon, but here is something to occupy you for about 30 seconds. It is from Howard Dean's speech when he goes crazy, I laughed my ass off when I heard it, so if you haven't heard it yet, download it, unzip it and enjoy.
Ed is looking for a job so he wrote a letter to Microsoft, we thought you guys should check it out too.
Holy crap, sorry about the lack of updates but I am just that lazy still from Christmas break, anyways I added, Ice T is better than Tupac.
Got another hate mail, check out the newest one here.
Added The Darkness - Permission to Land review. I decided to try my hand at reviewing, I hope my review helps you out. I also added a short little message to my future girlfriend (it is bound to happen), A message to my future girlfriend.
Added, How to be a rebellious teen. It is a guide to help you achieve being punk.
Added Stereotyping Rules. It is the truth behind stereotyping and why you should do it.
Added Har Mar Superstar, it was written by Ed. It is about this really cool musician.
I just added the rest of the Icy Hot Facez pictures. There are like 2 or 3 new ones that I hadn't uploaded yet.
Added Drunken Thoughts. It was written by Andrew while he was drunk. He wanted to share his thoughts with you.
Added The Face Party. If Ed and I were running for president, our platform would be something like this.
Added Shnuggle Bunny and the Alternate Universe, it was written by Andrew, but I added the history of the smugglepuss ray. Just go read it. Andrew is the main authority on all things Shnuggle Bunny so email him if you have any questions.
Added Muscle Cars VS. Ricers, it was written by Ed. The entire article is based on fact and is a great source of information.
Added Taka, it is about what a Japanese foreign exchange student signed in my freshman yearbook.
Added Icy Hot Facez, its an account of my friends' and my alter egos as hardcore gangsters. It is 100% true also.
Added Republican Propaganda. It was written by my loser friend Ed, he will probably be writing stuff for this site from now on so you guys have more to read, as if anyone comes to this site anyways.
Added Why I Don't Get Chicks: Part II to stuff, it's a little different take on my previous opinion.
Added a pictures section with some pictures that I have made (actually its pictures that I have taken from the internet and added to.) Check it out sometime. Added a little article thing about Bojangles to Stuff as well.
Added Here is what Brown can do for me... to Stuff, check it out y'alls. By the way, thats where I put all the things I wrote, in Stuff, so that's probably what you want to click on, to get the stuff. Yup.
Corrected the counteracting depression section. It is now called I'm Happy, read what I put and I will become clear. Change the site, took out frames and took out buttons. This way it will be easier to add more stuff, COOOOOL
Added the story of what would happen if I couldn't masterbate to Daily Loserness.
Just added some daily loser stuff.
Changed the Navigation since everyone hated it so much before .I will be adding pages for my loser friends Ed and Sam shortly.
Just added a picture for counteracting depression, peace out yalls. Nathan
Finally added the counteracting depression section, added another theory to my loser theory. Nathan
Added My Theory on Losers, I will probably finish counteracting depression this weekend, cause I have nothing better to do, for your amusement, Rave Jesus , courtesy of
Uploaded the Website, Added Why I Don't Get Chicks, I will add more sections as I finish them. Nathan

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