Why I Don't Get Chicks

Welcome to my explanation of why I don't get chicks. I feel the main root of the problem can be traced back to my low self esteem and insecurity. The first girl I ever asked out rejected me, and I found out that I don't take rejection very well. This sent me into an abyss of sadness that since I have not been able to escape. My main attitude toward the courtship of girls can be found in a quote from one of my friends, also a loser. It goes like this, "I know I don't have a chance so why should I even try?" This mentality has been imbedded into my mind. I never approach girls at school for the fear that they will completely reject me, and worse yet, even insult me. Because of these fears, I have not had any kind of romantic interaction with a girl for about 1 and a half years (it was only a kiss, my one and only kiss). It has become a double edged sword, I am damned if I never go talk to a girl, and I am damned if I do.

I have also come to the conclusion that my appearance itself makes girls disgusted. This must be true because the initial feelings a girl has on you are pretty much based solely on physical attraction. This would explain why there haven't been any chicks who have liked me in over a year. I also have no desire to change any aspects of my appearance that can be changed, because I am set on the fact that it won't make a difference when they find out what I am really like.

Even if a girl was physically attracted to me, it wouldn't take long for my personality to scare her off. See girls aren't attracted to guys who, for example, make websites, play X-BoX (exception for asians and mexicans, and athletes), read political literature, use "smart" words, show goats (thats right), and like bands that aren't on MTV. I feel that these assumptions are pretty accurate because I have seen several different relationships occur at our high school and all of them support my hypothesis.

More to come on this subject as I think of more to put.

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