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I opened my email today and would you believe it, my first hate mail. Along with my second and third. Thank god too, I thought I would never get any hate mail. It was all sparked by my article How to be a rebellious punk. I can't believe people actually take the time to write this shit, like they are going to influence me to remove my article on my site.

From : Katie <kroepken@optonline.net>
Sent : Wednesday, December 17, 2003 12:12 PM
To : leafsmack0@hotmail.com
Subject : Hey

Hi, well I was very disturbed by your "article", How to be a Rebellious Teenager. First of all, my friend who I guess you could label "punk" found this while looking for some icons. I am also "punk". First of all, Blink 182 and Simple Plan and all of that crap IS NOT punk. AND Blink 182 DID NOT create punk, thank you very much, that was The Ramones. Also, you are telling these people what to do and you are creating a stereotype for "punks" alike. These people will not become "punks" by using this, they will become posers.
-Unsatisfied "Punk"

Don't think Blink 182 created punk? Haha loser, you don't know shit. I happen to have Blink 182's first cd, called A Little Thing Called Punk. Here is a picture of it.


This album was made in 1969, and it started the punk revolution. Most people don't know about their first cd because no one knew what punk was, and the fact that only 100 copies were made. All of the early punk bands like the Ramones were influenced by Blink 182's album. Blink 182 then split up until around 1997 when they released their second album. Yes, they are pretty old by now but they still look pretty young if you ask me. Anyways you are wrong, Blink 182 did start punk.

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From : Raven Massa <yellowcard1311@hotmail.com>
Sent : Wednesday, December 17, 2003 12:27 PM
To : leafsmack0@hotmail.com
Subject : sorry but...

I read your article, about how to be a 'punk'...and i admit, many people do dress like that, but your teaching people hoe to be posers, and i know thats what you were aiming to do, and i just wanted to make sure that you knew, the Blink 182 didn't start the punk fashion...it statred in the early 70's...i'm mostly skater/punk but I know the difference between poser and true heart felt punk. And i only sometimes shop at hot topic for band T-shirts and that doesent make you a poser. Punk is supposed to symlolize difference and uniqueness. Shopping at hot topic regularly mean you follow the fads, and are very "fashion core"(got that phrase from a friend named pete). Being punk doesent mean you don't have friends, it doesent mean you have to hate your parents, and it doesent mean you have to listen to "emo" music. You can listen to Spineshank(heavy metal) and classical music, and still be liked by other people. Life in the ounk world isn't really that horrible...but if you have a true reason to be different, it shouldnt mean dressing in hot topic stuff...try salvation army, they have some pretty cool stuff there lol....e-mail me back, or IM me on sensesXxXfailed..ttyl and i hope you understand the difference between punk and poser.

Sorry, but if you read above you will see that Blink 182 did start punk and the punk fashion. And Hot Topic isn't just some place where you can follow the fads. "Hot Topic is a mall-based chain of retail stores that specializes in apparel, accessories, gifts, and music for teenagers. Walk into a store and the first thing you'll feel is energy. Energy from the music, energy from the merchandise, energy from the people. All of this is what makes Hot Topic different." - Hot Topic About Us. See they are different, not just some trendy store. All true punks shop at Hot Topic.

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From : Ellie Roepken <eroepken@optonline.net>
Sent : Wednesday, December 17, 2003 12:45 PM
To : leafsmack0@hotmail.com
Subject : loser

You're a fuckin idiot, man. Who or what gave you the idea that Blink 182 started punk music? Good Charlotte, Blink 182 and the other shit you mentioned is not punk music. They're just poser fucks. The real beginning of punk was in 1974. The Ramones started to play at the CBGB's in New York City. Another real punk band was the Sex Pistols. If you've never heard of them, go fuck a tree. I'm not going to put up with this shit anymore. No one can be "punk". There's a big difference between being "punk" and being _a_ punk. Being "punk"...that's just a label. Being _a_ punk means you're a brat or a kid. I'll repeat myself. You're a fuckin idiot, man.

This is by far the best hate mail because she was so passionate about her response. It is funny too because of how wrong she is. She thinks that punk started in 1974, when it really started in 1969. And she is also wrong about who started punk, because 1969 was the year Blink 182 released their first album. If you read my response to the first hate mail, then you can see a picture of their cd. The Sex Pistols were heavily influenced by Blink 182 as were the Ramones. Both of those bands went on to make punk famous, but they did not start punk like you claim. When you think about it though, you're a fucking idiot, man. I'll repeat myself. You're a fucking idiot, man.

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(Added 12/26)

From : <K14itty@aol.com>
Sent : Friday, December 26, 2003 8:54 AM
To : leafsmack0@hotmail.com
Subject : (no subject)

OOO BITCH U ARE SO FUCKING STUPID OMG THAT EMAIL WAS LIKE THE GAYEST PEICE OF SHIT I EVER HEARD!!!!!!! omg u are like the biggest idiot ever!!!! omg FIRST blink 182 never started punk. it was way before him. and second, doing all of that gay shit doesnt make u punk. just listening to those bands doesnt mean u like them! plus, those arent punk bands anyway, their POP punk sissy bands. so why dont u fucking go crawl up ur moms ass and sit there for the rest of ur life and maybe when ur there ull figure out what punk really is!!!!!! if anyone actually listens to that they should die up there with u DUMASS FUCKING BITCH

This must be another one of those hardcore punk, uber hacker AOL users. They sound like they are probably eleven years old, maybe twelve. I love how this person proves their point by just telling me that I should crawl up my mother's ass. Provides a great case for the rest of their argument. At least the other dipshits tried to prove me wrong with some false information, but this person gives no reasons for why I should even think of listening to them. I love how they can't spell for shit either. I was going to be offended until I realized that they called me a "DUMASS FUCKING BITCH" instead of a dumbass fucking bitch. Isn't it ironic, just a little?

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