Drunken Thoughts

yo wo do da finky mic wobo dinky goes wuhuho when you go bitch i is gonna slap yo mama! jigga what? youse wanna go tus me gonna slam dat shit in yo face like me i wonder y i am so borred enough to write me do do tis this cuz wow i love you. haha funny stuuf cuz i poopy in happy universe place were sam says wow and kills me. if i put random thought down my pants then y shit myself. people next to me go boom chaca laca laca boom c=acala and and uhm toot.poopy in maggy face face pantsda nose is like pipi max the doggy on tx that go pipi on the carpets. wow my brain has no more thinks it it so no funny comes out of my butt.

This is a random compelation of my drunken thoughts i hope you enjoy

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