Errrrr, actually the more I think about it, I am not really depressed, its just that not having chicks sucks. I am pretty happy most of the time. One of the reasons I have come to this conclusion is this, Old James. Old James is an elderly black bum who lives in our area. One time we saw Old James walk into In N Out. He stood in line for a little while, then left. The only explanation that we could come up with is that Old James is so burnt out on drugs that he forgot he didn't have any money to buy food with, so he just left. I haven't seen him since. But if anyone was gonna be depressed, it would be Old James, because he is poor, black, old, can't eat food, and is addicted to drugs. So the point I am trying to get out is that my life completely rules compared to his, and that I have no reason to complain about anything except chicks and stuff that sucks. Peace out to Old James.

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