God damn retard, Bojangles is a dude not a thing.


I don't know why but I always assumed people knew that Bojangles was a black entertainer who was very popular in the 1930's and on into the 40's. It never occured to me that someone would think Bojangles was a thing. What would a bojangles be? I had never really thought about it until I was talking to someone on the internet and they used the word Bojangles as if he were a thing. Here is part of the convo:

Laurey411 (9:18:26 PM): dumbass. on my bojangles
Laurey411 (9:18:27 PM): lol
LeafSmack0 (9:18:43 PM): omg
LeafSmack0 (9:18:46 PM): bojangles
Laurey411 (9:19:38 PM): what about the
Laurey411 (9:19:41 PM): them*
LeafSmack0 (9:19:47 PM): them?
LeafSmack0 (9:19:51 PM): bojangles was a dude
Laurey411 (9:19:54 PM): what
Laurey411 (9:19:59 PM): from where..lol

Yes, I know what you're thinking, what a dumbass! Anyone who doesn't know who Bojangles is, and then refers to something as Bojangles, deserves to tied down and then shot in the face five times with a semi-automatic shotgun. That may sound a little brutal, but we need to set an example against ignorance. I don't think people would want to use the word Bojangles if they didn't know what it meant if we kill this person with a semi-auto shottie. The only problem is how murder is illegal, but I am sure that it wouldn't be too hard to cover it up. Besides, I am willing to risk getting charged with premeditated murder just to punish this person for their horrible crime. If they took me to court I would just show the jury my AIM conversation and they would find me not guilty and reward me for killing such an asshole.

I have said my peace, I will see you later.

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