The "Luck" of the Irish

"The number of deaths is unrecorded, and various estimates suggest totals between 500,000 and more than one million in the five years from 1846." -

Was it a plague or a war that killed so many people? Perhaps it was an evil murderous dictator? Nope, they just didn't have anymore potatoes. You might be asking yourself, "What the fuck?" Well that's just the luck of the irish for you. You would think that after the first year of the famine that perhaps they would switch to an alternate food source. You know geographically, an island, surrounded by water, they might try fish. Just a thought. The nation of Ireland is this little terd off the coast of the United Kingdom. There are many reasons to visit Ireland, if not for the potatoes then certainly for the never-ending terrorism and violence.

(Bloody Sunday)

(Bloody Friday)

(The massacre in Omagh)

Still not convinced? Are you a soccer fan? Well Northern Ireland ranks a cool 101 in FIFA. Pretty good huh? Oh wait, I forgot that's actually not that good. Well certainly if you ignore the terrorists, the people must be humble right? Oh yeah I forgot to mention that irish people are notorious for binge drinking and excessive violence. In fact they pride themselves on it. So what does a typical irish person look like?

Did someone speckle shit all over his face? Nah. He, like the vast majority of irish people, was born with that crap all over his face. Some people call them freckles, but I call them speckles, of shit. Another feature that is common among irish people is red hair, a recessive (a.k.a. inferior) gene. Many believe that this gene is directly linked to stupidity and violence which would explain a lot. It is also generally accepted in the science field that red hair is directly correlated with skin disorders, such as speckles of shit covering the face.

Unfortunately, America has finally given in and allowed the pestilence known as irish people to integrate, but at one time we prided ourselves on irish prejudice. See back when the potato famine occured, a crap load of irish people came to America. Americans were like, "Wait a second, you guys were all starving in Ireland because you were too stupid to eat anything besides potatoes, and now you are coming here to spread your stupidity?" Obviously americans were pissed and began justified and harsh discrimination of the irish people. Americans gave them the shittiest jobs, the shitiest pay, and made them feel like outsiders. Many irish people actually began denouncing their heritage and even their catholic roots. As you can see, the discrimination started actually working and even the irish soon began to see how crappy being irish was. But over time, americans became more ignorant to the irish epidemic and soon irish people became acceptable and are now integrated in our society.

I hope this article helps give you a clear understanding of irish people. With this newfound knowledge I would like to ask you to ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country and to discriminate on irish people.