Gonzalo Montez

Gonzalo Montez is a Mexican I know from the Central Valley. He used to have an internet journal where he would express his thoughts, but he forgot the password. He asked me to host his blogs on my website. How could I refuse when he is a good friend of mine.

Saturday, September 06, 2008 - Hey how is it going everyone? I hope it is going good because I have been doing pretty good as well. I just got cable in my trailer so I have something to do in my spare time besides just drinking, drinking and watching television. It helps me forget about the emotional pain I have endured. Soon I will hopefully forget it forever, but probably not because I wrote about it in my blog. Well just letting you know that I now have cable and that's pretty nice. Well I am writing this really early, or late, it's 12:56 a.m. I have to get up soon and work on the fields. There is a lot of maintenance work that needs to be done in the blistering heat. It will be a nice long 12 hour day, I will waste away the rest of it with my new television programming.

Thursday, August 28, 2008 -

Hello again, I know I promised I was going to update more, but some serious stuff happened to me. Back when I made my November post I had started settling down and things were going pretty smoothly, until my wife Rosalyn left me. She took Jose and ran off with some guy, I never did get to find out who it was. I went through a pretty rough patch there. I still had my job as a milker but I started drinking all day. I would come into the milk barn completely drunk, and I started abusing the cows. The owner saw me one day and he started kicking the shit out of me right then and there. I was too drunk to defend myself properly, and he had on steel toe work boots so his kicks were very painful. He stopped after a while and said, "No one hits my cows but me! Get the fuck out of here!" Then he walked off to get Octavio, the other milker, to work my shift.

I just layed there for a while in a small pool of my own blood, I had coughed some up as the dairyman was talking to me. Soon I regained enough energy to slowly crawl outside, and then I passed out right outside of the milk barn. I was awoken by a garden hose spraying water in my face. The dairyman was holding it, and he said, "Alright boy now you done had your rest, pack up and get out." Then he got into his truck and drove off, but not before peeling out causing his tires to shoot gravel and dust at my face. I got up and started packing after he left. It was one of the worst days of my life. Don't get me wrong I've been beat up before and I've been fired before, but never both and not as extreme. It was really a shock.

Anyways, I sold a lot of my stuff right outside of the flea market over the next few weeks. I had moved back in with my father who was filled with rage by my arrival. My two sisters were still living in the house so there was no room, but we made it work, we always do. I was going insane though, both of my sisters had babies that were always crying because there wasn't enough food, my father was always drunk and yelling at my mother, and I didn't have a job yet to get out of the house. So I started leaving for long periods of the day and just walking around. Eventually I found a field that looked ready to harvest soon. I went to the farmer's house and asked him if I could do some work for him. He said sure as long as I don't need to get paid minimum wage. Of course that was ok with me, anything to get me away from my family that I was growing to despise.

I had just lost my brand new family, my job, my self respect, and my love for my family. I didn't see any reason to care anymore, I just needed to do some back breaking labor even if it meant getting paid 4 dollars an hour. After about 2 weeks the harvest started and I started working. The other mexicans were nice, some of them had just arrived in the central valley and this was their first job in the area. I worked long hours, but I didn't mind. It kept my mind free of worry, I didn't have to think while I was there, I just worked and worked and worked.

I didn't want to go back home, there was nothing for me. One day I just decided I wasn't going to go back. After work, I walked down the road a little ways until I found a nice tree to sit under. I took a nap, when I woke up it was probably around midnight, I didn't know though because I have no watch or cellular phone. I figured I probably shouldn't sleep on the side of the road, even if it's out in the country. I walked back into the field I worked at and found a good place to lay down. Just as I was about to slip into sleep, I heard someone running. I looked up and I saw a man with a flashlight coming my way. I figured it was the farmer so I started getting up, but then I heard a gunshot! The farmer thought I was a trespasser, which I guess I technically was, but it was where I work! "No Mr. Sanders, please don't kill me, it's Gonzalo!" He stopped dead in his tracks and focused the light on my face. "Gonzalo, is that really you? What the hell you doin' out here boy! I know you a hard worker but ain't nobody workin round the clock out here." I started trying to block the flashlight from my eyes because it was really starting to annoy me. Then I explained to him how I didn't have anywhere to go. I told him my story about my wife leaving me, my last boss kicking the shit out of me, and my ever-increasingly dysfunctional family. He seemed to understand, and he let me sleep on the couch, only after I showered though of course.

He woke me up in the morning and I went out to work. I started feeling a lot better from that day on, I had turned a point in my life. The farmer helped find me a place to live. He had an old camper trailer and he said I could live in it as long as I cleaned it out and didn't do anything stupid. So far I have been doing pretty well. It turns out the farmer owns several fields in the area so I always have work to do. I haven't talked to my family much, I did drop by to pick up my very few possessions and to say goodbye, but after that I haven't went back honestly. So that pretty much catches my life up, sorry about the delay in updates but it wasn't until now that I truly felt I could relive what got me to where I am right now. I promise my next post will be a little happier, life is looking up for me.

Monday, November 12, 2007 -

Hello everyone! It has been a very long time since I have written about my life. Much has happened, and much has stayed the same. So I still live in the central valley. Lately I've been working on a dairy farm as a milker. It is a thankless job, getting up every morning at 2:00 a.m. to put milking machines on countless numbers of cows. At least the owner lets me stay in a trailer across the road from the dairy for free. I also got married! Her name is Rosalyn Lopez. I met her at the flea market one sunday back in the summer of 2005. Now we have a little boy, he was born on September 24th, 2006. I named him Jose, after his grandfather. So that's basically been my life. Now that I'm a little more settled, I decided I would start writing on the internet again. My family was happy that I finally started a life on my own. My sisters Guadalupe and Rosario both have illegimate children of their own, but my father is upset because they are still staying at his house with my mother. He has been drinking a lot more than before, but he is more harmless because of the countless years of demanding physical labor as well as his age, so my mom usually doesn't fear the beatings as much as before. In fact it's been several months since I have seen any serious bruisings. So that's my past three years wrapped up in a nutshell. I plan to continue regular updates, I have much more free time now and I just got an e-Machines computer from Wal Mart.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004 -

Whoa long time no post.  ¿Por que?  Well I have been pretty busy lately, lot's of working lately.  Summer time is the worst, all of the kids think that it's the best time of the year, but it is the worst time of the year for me.  Oh well complaining isn't going to help, unless I am drunk.  Speaking of which I have been pretty steady on the Coronas everyday.  I just need a beer, too much stress.  Oh well it doesn't hurt anyone except for my girlfriend, actually the beer doesn't hurt her, I do when I am drunk.  Enough about that.  My friend Jorge had his wedding and we had a great time.  The mariachi band was excellent and there was plenty of drinking and dancing.  Our dog died the other day, he was ran over.  I figured it would happen sooner or later because he wouldn't stop chasing cars, but I am still sad he is gone.  Everything has been heading downhill for me, the summer is my hell.  Soon though things will look up, maybe I will get married and get a house.  Of course I will still have to pick tomatoes, but at least I will have my own family.  Oh well my dad is yelling at me to go get some more beer, goodbye.

Saturday, April 03, 2004 -

Hello everyone!  So far my weekend has been a little less than what I expected.  First off, this friday I went to go get a 12 pack of Corona and I forgot my I.D.  The damn muslim asshole wouldn't just sell me the beer either, he had to be a dick about it.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.  Oh well though, I guess I shouldn't drink so much.  I was looking for something to do earlier today.  I ended up talking to a dairyman who was in need of a milker.  I was thinking that it would be a lot better to work as a milker than have to work in the fields picking tomatoes.  I don't really like cows, but I hate picking tomatoes even though I am very good at it.  Tomorrow morning the dairyman is going to show me the specifics of how he wants me to milk the cows.  I figure once I get my first paycheck I will get those gold rims I was talking about.  I also went to Winton today to visit some of my friends.  I haven't been seeing them as much as I like to.  They were glad to see me.  We talked about how each other's lives were going.  One of my friends Jorge is getting married pretty soon, so I will have to plan on going to a wedding soon.  It will be a grand fiesta with plenty of drinking.  I can't believe the gas prices, everywhere I go it is at least $2.05.  I am trying to stick around at home as often as possible.  Well that pretty much wraps it up.  I am going to go get that 12 pack of Coronas now, and this time I will remember my I.D.

Thursday, March 18, 2004 -

Well what can I say, it has been a rough week.  My dad has been drinking a lot more than usual and now he actually hurts my mom.  I mean of course he beats her, he always has, but now he is getting a little too physical.  It will be ok soon though.  Soon we will be busy out in the fields and my dad won't spend so much time at home.  That is the main problem, he has too much time on his hands so he just drinks and beats mom.  I went to the flea market this past weekend.  I decided to buy some homing pigeons, I have always wanted some.  What I didn't expect was for them to immediatly fly away as soon as I let them out of their cage, stupid birds don't even know how to fly back to my house.  So that is the last time I ever go buy homing pigeons.  Earlier this week I visited my friend Carlos at his house.  He was glad to see I was back, we drank a lot that night!  I should have calmed down a bit on the alcohol because the next day I was as sick as a dog! I was thinking about getting some gold rims for our van, but I am flat broke after our trip to Mexico, maybe after harvest season I will be able to get some.   At least everyday I can look forward to my mother's cooking.

Monday, March 08, 2004 -

I am so sorry I haven't updated in such a long time but we took a trip to Mexico to visit my family.  There was a big fiesta and we had a lot of fun.  It is good to be back home though, I got sick of drinking so much tequila with my uncle Juan.  He drinks all the time, he says it is like his water.  Don't get me wrong I love taking a few shots here and there, but he just drinks all day.  We stayed at his house for about a month.  My aunt makes the best enchiladas, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  It started getting really hot down there, it's a lot cooler here in California, plus we can drink the tap water and not get sick.  Well now I should be able to update my xanga, I couldn't do it in Mexico because my Aunt and Uncle are poor and have no need for a computer, my Uncle Juan would rather drink more tequila.

Friday, January 09, 2004 -

Today has been a good day, Fridays always are!  I didn't have to do any work either.  I can't wait until Sunday because I am going to go to the mall with my entire family.  This morning I went with my father, Pedro, and we got a couple of goats.  I helped take them back to my parents house.  Our Chihuauha, Lupé, was very excited to see the new animals!  Today we had fajitas for lunch.  My mother is a very good cook and housekeeper.  After lunch I went back to my house.  After a couple of hours watching some T.V. I went to town to get some Tequila.  While I was in town I went and got a new belt buckle and a new sombrero too.  I can't wait to show my family!  I have also been thinking a lot about Anita Sanchez, she is a very pretty woman.  My family has been telling me I need to find a good mexican girl to settle down with and I think she might be the one.  She is very good at cooking and she has child bearing hips.  Maybe I will go see her later today.  I also like her father Jorge, we have a lot to talk about.  I was thinking of bringing the bottle of Tequila with me too, he would like that.  Well that is all for today.

Thursday, January 08, 2004 -

Today was a good day.  My friend Carlos and I were at my house talking about how we like the winter.  In the summer we have to work the fields in the blistering heat.  I showed Carlos how I learned to juggle using tomatoes when I was picking them this past season.  He thought it was funny.  Then we watched some futbol on T.V.  I went to my mother's house and she made me a chimichanga, it was very good.  After I ate some food, I got an ice cold Corona and went back home.  I wish they didn't repeal the law that allowed me to get a license though.  I wanted Bustamante but that guy Arnold won.  I already don't like him.  Oh well this country is a lot better than Mexico, I can tell you that much!