Filipinos and Tagalog

Tagalog, the worst language ever, yes even worse than douchey ass French. Just listen to this clip:


Yeah, seriously. I used to think that either Hmong or Chinese was the dumbest sounding language, but then I heard tagalog and I was like, what the fuck. It's literally a bastard language, half spanish and half bullshit. Not only is the language absolute garbage, but so is the country it originates from. The Philippines is the most retarded Asian country and Filipinos are the worst asians, even worse than the Hmongs who don't have a homeland and live in poverty. Before I move on, let me explain Hmong people so you can clearly understand how shitty Filipino people are. Back in the day, Hmong people got buttfucked by China, then they sucked for the rest of history. They didn't do shit ever and some white missionaries developed their written language. Hmongs now come to America because they don't have their own country. Too bad the only thing they are known for is strawberry farming and killing white people. Spotting a Hmong is hard for people with no prior knowledge of their existance, mainly because all asians are strikingly similar, but luckily I have been an observant of their culture for years so I know. They just look crappier when side by side with other asians that actually have countries. Except side by side a Filipino person. Filipino people look like mexican asians, a horrible concoction of bullshit.

Now back to how crappy the Philippines is and their crappy ass language tagalog. Probably the easiest way to point out their shitty culture is to look at their movie industry. Check out these fucking disasters:

I wonder what movie this could be ripping off?

Movies about women are always the worst.

Another cheap rip off.

Yes romantic comedy!

Every movie is either a complete rip off, a bullshit cop movie, or more commonly a romantic comedy. Sounds like a lot of bullshit right? Yeah it is. If you watch any of these movies then God help your soul. But honestly if you do watch one you will see how crappy the quality of the movies are. It's like watching movies on Lifetime and Sci Fi. Or you could go back a few years when every single movie starred Fernando Poe Jr. Just check it out here on IMDB. Of course every movie is a cop movie. So yeah they suck basically.

I work at this independently owned video store that carries Filipino movies so naturally a shitload of them come to rent them. Of course being the crappy race that they are, they never return the movies on time and when confronted about late fees, they instantly spew a barrage of absolute shit out of their mouths.

"I didn't know that it was late."

"Waive the late fee."

"I can't believe how much that is."

"It wasn't late my cousin returned it on time."

Of course they are always wrong. I also like how Filipino men will take their young children (ranging for 4-10 years old) to the video store and make them wait out in the common area while they spend 30 minutes looking at all the porno. Yeah Filipinos love porno more than any other asian culture, which almost seems impossible but it isn't. A lot of them are pretty into transexual porno. Videos like, Thaisexuals. My store carries vol. 4.

Possibly the best example of how crappy Filipino people are is their country, the Philippines, otherwise known as the stupidest chain of islands in history. It is full of nothing but poverty and extreme humidity. Most of the time it is so hot that the only thing you can do is loiter. The best thing to do while in the Philippines is go to America.

A doctor of sociological studies, Edward Pereira, is quoted as saying, "Filipino people smell like poo poo."

I will however give one credit to the Filipino people, Manny Pacquiao, a boxer whose success has led him to be the only successful celebrity to ever come out of the Philippines. Yes the only popular Filipino figure is a lightweight boxer. I don't count that one stupid ass guy that's in that one crappy group Black Eyed Peas. He sucks. But after all is said and done, Manny Pacquiao is actually a pretty bad ass boxer.