Emo Catchphrases!

Hello everyone, I would like to submit a proposition that you all might enjoy. Break up with your lover, get your heart broken, can't properly tell the world (everyone on myspace) how you feel? Well worry no longer, I am offering a unique service. For one dollar, you can have your own professionally crafted emo message that will tell the world exactly how lonely and heartbroken you are! Here are some examples of what you can expect before you make the donation.

"My hearts eternal sorrow longs for love's vast plethora of happiness, but alas I feel nothing but pain."

"My broken heart is a shallow pool of despair and loneliness, I feel nothing but the emptiness."

Yeah I know, that's some quality stuff. If you are interested in this once in a lifetime offer, please email me: face@facedeluxe.com. After we have made contact I will ask you to send me a dollar and I will send you the emotion catchphrase and everyone is happy. Of course you can always just send me money regardless, because I am so very awesome.