The message is simple, destroy. It doesn't matter what it is that you destroy, as long as you start to destroy stuff. Anything to get the freakin apocalypse to start for christ sake. Chances are I wouldn't survive but if I did I would hella battle the other survivers for power. Chances are I wouldn't survive that either but thats way better than how life really is. If I had to chose between never seeing the apocalypse and living and seeing the apocalyse and dying a sure death I would most likely chose the apocalyse. I'm not going to see anything cool, just going to see a bunch of bullshit. That's all I see everyday, a bunch of fucking bullshit. Take this example, its fuckin sunday night, 9:55 at night, 5 minutes before the pizza place I work at closes, and fucking these stupid ass mexicans show up with all their fucking kids and decide to get some pizza and dine in. FUCK THAT SHIT. I will fight any one that thinks that's something they should do. What the fuck why don't you eat dinner at the regular time. Just like my manager said, I can understand when its just some guy and a chick cause they just want to eat some pizza before they go fuck somewhere, but it's fucking bullshit when someone brings their whole family. If anyone reading this disagrees with me then if I ever see you I will fight you. Just make yourself known with clarity and I will fight you on the spot. DESTROY.