Black Friday

(pic stolen from some site in the Christmas spirit)

For those of you that don't know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. And for those of you that don't know Thanksgiving is the holiday that glorifies the genocidal massacre and betrayal of the native americans. Anyways Black Friday is a big day in America, because it is the day that all of the large corporate consumer stores hold their awesome, can't miss sales that push them from the negative, or the red if you will, to the black, positive. Why do people want to go shopping so bad though, there must be an extra incentive. Well yeah it's Christmas. For those of you that don't know, Christmas is a holiday celebrated by several religious cults collectively known as Christianity. Christmas is supposed to be the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, some jewish guy born a long time ago in Bethlehem. For some reason they built a religion based on this guy just because he was a pretty sensitive dude, oh and he claimed to be the son of a mythological creature known to the jews as God. So how do they celebrate his birth? By fighting each other for the most useless bullcrap in their local Wal Mart so that they can give it to some other people that did the same thing for them. The thing is, according to the christians, Jesus didn't even advocate violence, and I would assume he wouldn't advocate the large corporations such as Wal Mart. I mean he would probably see Wal Mart as some twisted neo version of the Roman Empire. The point is if there were such a place as heaven and Jesus was there, he would be crying. So all you people rushing out to do your christmas shopping trying to get the best sales, fighting over each other just for some stupid shit, FUCK YOU. I say this on behalf of the man whos' birthday you are celebrating. Jesus is speaking through me, "FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!" Here is what Jesus would want for his birthday, he would want people to love each other. But what do you get him? A fancy, month long display of violence and pseudo-spiritual festivities all done in his name. Of course I don't believe in God or Christianity so I am allowed to participate in violent activities, but you assholes celebrating Christmas have no excuse. Watch your back, that's all I'm saying.